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OO resource/ performance monitoring and notifications

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Waiting for Votes
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9 months ago

Hey All,

So in OO you can access resource and performance information via /monitoring

Would this not be better displayed within the actual Central Webui as is with DB health

This could also potentially display CPU and disk info of the host Central or RAS is installed on.

Also notifications could be tied into this self monitoring.

If disk space or CPU is maxing or reaching defined warning level on the Central or RAS then a notification from OO itself would be really proactive and help spot potential issues before they happen.

I would also like to see notifications for when a flow “Failed to complete”. You can build into a flow a notification if it fails but a “failed to complete” is a random unexpected event. This is more important for flows that are scheduled unless your constantly monitoring you may not see them until someone enquires why their certain automation didn’t complete