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OO-SSX 2019-11: Add worker queue mechanism to loosen the coupling to OO

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 1 year ago

A main focus in software architecture is the loose coupling of components. This has the advantage that if a component fails the other component is not impaired and can accept orders.

At the moment the OO-SSX Portal is directly coupled with the OO.
When I start an Activity, OO is contacted directly.

This leads to a problem in our IT architecture. The default is to loosely couple components. To achieve this we have to put an alternative API portal in front of OO and include logic that accepts requests and then tries to process them in OO. (Queue)

If the OO-SSX portal could do this itself, we would be massively helped.

How could this look like:

When I start an activity in the OO-SSX Portal, the "flow request" is put into a worker queue and then processed against the OO REST Api. This way, users could always send requests via the UI and the API and there would be no loss of service. The values how long and in which periods OO is polling the queue must be configurable.

If this would work we would save many IT components completely and could use OO-SSX natively and our architects would be happy.


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