Idea ID: 2764213

OO-SSX 2019-11: Synchronous API POST call of an activity

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 1 year ago

Currently, customers can start an activity with the OO SSX API and receive an activity id.

With this id they can poll the status.

But many of our customers need a synchronous API.
They would like to submit a request and receive the result directly.

To achieve this we have to use a third party API gateway with custom logic that polls the status and gives the customer the desired result.

The idea would be to extend the body of the POST method of the OO SSX activity endpoint with another optional argument.

For example like this:

"scenarioId": 0,
"scenarioInputsValue": {},
"triggerName": "string"
"waitForResponse": 60

waitForResponse: Number of seconds

If waitForResponse is specified, the connection remains open and the normal polling mechanism of OO SSX is used in the background.