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OO Studio - proxy exception list

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Currently when using OO Studio, if is needed to set up a proxy when using some public/internet facing URL/web services, but disable proxy for remote debugging; only option is to enable/disable proxy checkbox, inside Studio menu Configuration > Options > Connection Settings.

There should be some extra field for a “proxy exception list” (list of IPs, URLs for which proxy should not be used, equivalent to typical web browser settings). Or at least a keyword/parameter in

In some situations can be enabled/disabled proxy (is just tedious); but for other uses cases, is needed to use proxy or not inside same debug sessions depending to which internal or external resource each step connects to.

  • This idea is considered for implementation in the new Workflow Designer, but there are no plans to implement in OO Studio.

  • I've just come across the same issue: I need proxy setup for github and ITOM marketplace but I must disable the proxy setting when remote debugging, which is very bad in a demo.

  • For now I've been enabling and disabling proxy in the followings situations:

    - proxy on:

    * online ITOM Marketplace search

    * online SCM operations to GitHub

    - proxy off:

    * remote debugger to some customer OO Central

    * SCM operations to customer private SVN or GitLab

    I know OO http operations (and related, like Invoke Method 2, integrations based on rest or soap) have an input for proxy. But don't know how is the behaviour if set global proxy option in other operations like SSH, file system (is proxy used or ignored to start ssh communication?).

    In some (edge) uses cases, is needed on same remote debug (proxy off) to connect to a 'public' web service (with proxy input), and 'internal' rest api (proxy off) and 'public' ssh server (proxy needed, but no proxy input).

    Intead of add proxy input to all posible operations (ssh, powershell, ...) a global proxy with a exception list (for both studio and worker) looks like a nicer solution. Also removes the need to add proxy specific option for each studio option (remote debugger, scm, hpln search)

  • Hi Ramon,

    Can you emphasize a little bit on the actual public/internet facing URLS you have problems to access with.

    I wonder do you refer to: ITOM Marketplace search feature, some online tutorials or what exactly?

    PS: The public facing URLS that are provided through content integration (HTTP operations) should be accessible through the operation;'s proxy.

    Thank you,


    If it is just one URL and not many it might make sense to add a proxy bypass checkbox on that specific call like when doing the remote debugger to have an additional proxy per each remote debugger connectiong.