Idea ID: 2700199

Output filters in Workflow designer

Status : Delivered
over 1 year ago

Workflow designer has very nice and interesting features, one of them that you can include python methods on output value to filter out the value, this is undeniably great, but this can't replace the usability of output filters found in OO Studio like stipping text with these options

  • All Characters Up To the string
  • All Characters Up To And Including the string
  • All Characters After the string
  • All Characters After And Including the string

I was able to create this case as python but it will be much easier for users to have this as interface options other than adding more steps to his workflow.

I was thinking about compilation orders, you can simply keep the expression editor to be processed first and the outcome of the editor to be further processed by the filters, by that we had the best of both features.