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Propagate Input Configuration Changes and Lock Input Configuration on Workflows used as Subflows

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Waiting for Votes
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8 months ago


Brief Description: 

Enable Micro Focus Operations Orchestration to have options in workflows to propagate changes in input configuration settings to all workflows referencing another workflow as a subflow. Part of this is to also have an option to lock a configuration setting so a particular configuration cannot be customized when a workflow is used as a subflow.


This will not only keep the consistency and make sure that the workflow will work as intended by the developer at the input level but also to propagate changes at the flow level as necessary when there are updates made to address a concern whether technical or business in nature.

Design details:

The workflow should have an option to propagate changes in Input configuration to other workflows that reference another workflow. Also another option to lock an input configuration that other developers will not be able to customize when re-using another workflow as a subflow.


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