Idea ID: 1681366

Re-Run a flow from central & change input parameters before submit

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

OO Central / Run management / Run explorer

Add the ability to re-run a flow and also add the ability to change the input parameters.

The popup windows should display the parameters used in the prevoius run, so the end-user can change it or confirm it just pressing the button RUN.



  • In Central, you can add the inputs in the Flow Launcher and after triggering the execution you can navigate to other screens. When returning in the Flow Launcher, the input values will still be there and you can trigger again the execution or edit them before triggering again.

    Considering the limited community support and the fact that there are some workarounds available, we will decline this idea for now.

  • Hi Andrei,

    yes I know but this functionality "should be" also available in central. 

    If you run a flow with many parameters, the first time you should input all manaully.

    The second time, if you want just change 1 parameter, you should have the ability (before submit) to see and eventually change it


  • As an Desktop Studio author you are able to achieve similar when remotely debugging on a Central.