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Reports from HPOO, that simulate the Central Dashboard

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over 3 years ago

we wish we can have this ablinity enabled in HPOO Central

Currently with HPOO we can't extract any reports from HPOO Central about the executed Flows, its duaration, it status, which user ran it. we wish to have a way to extract this data in Excel or other way. 

HPOO Central Dashboard present few flow status ( not all ) and we can't extract it as report for history

  • Export Run Explorer data to CSV was implemented in the latest release - 2018.09

  • We placed this into our backlog.

    The plan is to implement an export to CSV option in the Run Explorer interface.

  • Hi,

    On one hand there is the Central Usage Monitor CP that provides you the exact output format that you desire.

    It is REST API based and flow based as discussed above yet there is no authoring that you need to do. Just play with the flows and check to see if it brings any value.

    The good part of having the flows is that you'll be able to schedule those using Central's Scheduler and grab your output attached over email if needed - thus you can extend their current implementation based on your needs.

    On another hand, just to make sure that I completely got your inputs: having a reporting capability for Excel/CSV export in Run Explorer would be of great value to you? Example of usage: Filter the flows that were run by a user and export them to Excel/CSV right?!

    I want to narrow it to the exact use-cases considering that Export to CSV/TEXT exists today per individual run as a Central feature.

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  • REST is a flow that need developer to do it in Studio and then moved to Central. why can't Central end users has this functionality without any flow developed for that.

    also the flow doesn’t allow different format to get the output like Excel or CSV. 

    End Users should have this ability without a flow. from the central directly

  • You may use this REST service: https://<oo-central-host>:8443/oo/rest/v2/executions?startedAfter=${dt}