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REST API - Enable Execution of Workflows in Batch

Status : Waiting for Votes
10 months ago

Brief Description: Provide an option for Micro Focus Operations Orchestration to allow execution of multiple workflow via a single REST API call. Today if multiple workflows need to be executed, the execution requests are performed in serial with seconds of delays in between which causes overall delays for a large number of executions.


  • Provide quicker processing of new workflow executions
  • Prevents situations if someone requires to execute 50 workflows, it doesn't take over 3 minutes to process
    • Each workflow request can take about 4 seconds

Design details:

  • Enable the REST API to allow a JSON array
  • The JSON array then can contain JSON Objects with the needed information to execute the said workflows
  • The Central Server will then process the JSON array and perform the executions
  • The response will contain a JSON array of the execution id or failure message, if the execution didn't start