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Reuse auth session feature for AFL Base content pack operations

Status : Waiting for Votes
Waiting for Votes
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11 months ago

Proposal to add 'reuse auth session' feature on Base Content Pack Operations, like already exists for the Powershell script operation today ( /Library/Operations/PowerShell/PowerShell Script). 

keepSessionAlive - If true, the operation will not close the PowerShell runspace (i.e. the PSSession in case of remote connections ) created during the execution and returns the runspaceID as the result of the operation. Actually the PowerShell runspace is saved in the OO session and can be used in other operations using the runspaceID result of previous operation.

We have a popular flow in our production environment, which holds 4 different AD operations (/Library/Operations/Active Directory/.NET/). Meaning it runs multiple times per minute. Because all 4 of the operations creates a new auth session against AD, times the amount of flow runs per minute, a subset of the flow runs fail. This because there are to many new auth sessions against AD within a given time unit.

We believe a 'reuse session' feature, like the Powershell operation already has, will solve this.