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Run Explorer (watching flows run) needs to give progress status

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Briefly describe your idea -
Running flow progress should be made visible within the Run Explorer screen

Why is this important, when it would it be used -
The current run explorer screen provides status based information of flow executions. Extra granularity would be needed of the actual flow progress, in particular for the running flows.

It would be beneficial to see actual flow advancement.

If you were designing the solution, how would  you do it? -
Several implementations could be possible. Either the current step number or the current step name could be presented in an extra column within the Run Explorer.

Percentage base column of the flow advancement could be an option too (70%).

  • Based on the low support from the community on this idea we are declining this idea for now.

  • what is not clear to me how the exact status should be calculated.

    flows dynamically itterating would not always have the same runtime so baselining a particular flow is not a reliable base for estimating 100%

    just introducing the step name as column is not necessarily a good inidication neither.

    Step number i think is good and easy to have in the overview.

    If a solution is assumed that also takes the Developer into responsibillity it must be done with low extra effort.

    i could imagine a metadata tag at steps to specify a % value of flow completion.

    OO is mainly an admin utility so admins could should be ok with step numbers a nice progess bar is much more relevant for CSA where customers would like to be updated on progress of deployment at least see that its making steps forward


  • Believe in feeding right information at right time. Moving this to waiting for votes - please add your votes or ask questions about the requirement.