Idea ID: 2700683

Safe Guards for Infinite Loops

Status : Waiting for Votes
over 1 year ago

Brief Description: If a user creates workflow that references (calls) it self. This will create a infinite loop in OO Central. There needs to be a mechanism to either prevent this from occurring or allowing a user to cancel the infinite loop.


  • Prevent situations where infinite loops brings down Micro Focus OO Central
  • Allows the user to terminate an infinite loop from OO Central without have to touch the backend database

Design details:

  • Prevent OO Central from marking the workflow as success even though its spawning additional workflows in the background
  • I am sure you can't even import this into Central. OO checks if there are infinite loops and will give some Java error on import. Something like exhausted stack. But, error doesn't say you have infinite loop, which could be improved I think this was reported as bug fix already...