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Search all by inputs

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Under Consideration
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over 2 years ago

I would like you can add the feature to search by inputs like in 9.x

  • Hello,

    Checking on the status of this again.  We really need search functionality in some form or fashion.  We are wasting way too much time having to click on every flow to try to find the one we are looking for.

    Please provide search functionality at some level.


  • Hello,

    Checking on status as it has gained many votes.  This is something that should be a priority at this point as it should not be very hard to implement since it also existed in 9.x and will provide a significant amount of value.

    We are spending way too much time just trying to find a specific flow report since we have to go into each one and look for the specific server/target/input required.

    Should be able to search based on location of flow and input like in 9.x!  That provided the ability to locate a specific flow run report in order to troubleshoot issues.  We are losing a lot of time going through all flow runs to find the specific report to troubleshoot.

    Please provide some search functionality!



  • Hi  ,

    We understand this request is important to you and we are monitroing this idea.

    At the moment, community support is still gathered. Priority in evaluating any request depends on this support.


  • Hello,

    Just wanted to check on the status of this.

  • Checking in on this as it is really impacting our customers and the ability to find specific runs like in version 9.  

    Please let me know if there are any questions.