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Select ALL Button for Assigning Permissions

Status : Under Consideration
over 2 years ago


Since the EVERYBODY group no longer functions the same as it did in 9.x on which we relied to provide permissions to common content. Now when we need to supply permissions to common content to every single Role, we have to go in and click View and RUN for every single Role which we have over 150+. That is a of wasteful clicking!! There NEEDS to be a Select ALL Option right at the top and then if necessary we can go UNCHECK roles.

This would make the new Permissions model a little more tolerable and less tedious. The NEW model is very Administratively HEAVY! We find ourselves doing so much assigning of permissions to the content to the CIs and if it is common we have to click for over 150+ roles. That gets really old really fast!

Please add the Select ALL button to all aspects of the permissions assignment in starting in 10.80 and including it going forward in every new release. We cannot be the only ones asking for this with as much hassle as it is to permission common content.


The situation occurs EVERY TIME we need to assign permissions to common content that will be used by the more than 150+ Roles we have in our system. It becomes very tedious to select View and Run for every single role! This has turned into a management nightmare. With the new permissions model we spend a significant amount of time just clicking permissions buttons. The Select ALL option would make things so much easier!


NO workarounds exist!


The amount of clicking required for assigning permissions in the new model is unacceptable. It is very tedious and time consuming to have to click for each and every Role we have in our environment!

The required functionality would include a Select ALL option located in any permissions window that would select View and Run for EVERY single Role and then if needed we could UNCHECK or Deselect specific ones! We cannot be the only ones facing this issue, it has increased the Administration level significantly and requires more of our time to just apply permissions!

  • This idea is taken into consideration for a future release.

  • Checking status... As more and more groups on-board this is becoming very difficult to manage and time consuming to select every group.  There should also be an option to help narrow down to a certain group.  When there are 50 roles or more scrolling through the entire list to find one group is also time consuming.  Should be able to start typing the name and it will go to it.

    Please let me know if any questions or would like to see an example.

  • It would actually be GREAT if the EVERYBODY group could be used the same way it was in 9.x!  We would only have to add 1 group to common content instead of dozens of roles.

    Please consider making the EVERYBODY group work in this manner.


  • Hello,

    Any traction on this as the overhead continues to grow as more groups onboard to 10.x and create more content.

  • As alternative implementation, add to oosh ability to manage permissions for content (Library and Configuration Items)