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Set flow logging to concise from OO Central scheduler

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over 1 year ago

We have several flows that we only need to debug occasionally but they all log detailed logging output and fill up the database. If we go into OO studio and change the flow to set the output level on each step to concise, this prevents the database from filling, but should there be an issue with a flow, we have to re-author the flow to change all steps back to detailed step persistence. 


We can set the step persistence when the flow is scheduled in central, but there are only the options of to standard or extended. There should also be a setting of "concise" available that would allow us to turn down all logging for that flow, but with a simple change in Central it can be changed back to standard or extended to allow for troubleshooting. 


This prevents the need to re-author the flow and republish the content pack every time a step in a flow needs to be switched between concise and standard logging.