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SSX HA/DR architecture

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over 1 year ago


We all know that SSX is not used by lots of customers yet and this is why MF is not testing full capabilities of the SSX architecture. SSX is built just like OO Central. If you need HA/DR you are adding additional OO Centrals into a cluster, which can be in different DC locations. If SSX is used by lots of users (especially if they are simple use cases, where whole OO Central is overkill), we don't want to have downtime in SSX. SSX also has same functionality, you can install several SSX servers using same database. SSX is taking care of cookies and sessions, so everything works out of the box.

This is why I am proposing to add following architecture into the MicroFocus SSX release schedule testing.

Have Load Balancer in front of 2 or more SSX servers, which is setup with OO Cluster which also has Load Balancer in front of OO Central. For example F5 Load balancer. Since there is an option in SSX to check if OO Central is pingable and working, it would be good to know how to setup F5 and also how to setup some of the SSX options. Sometimes, F5 can logout users from OO Central earlier that SSX is checking for connectivity, so it can lead to errors in starting the jobs.

We know that OO Central should be setup with F5 using JSESSION. We have tested and know that SSX should be setup using IP load balancing, since JSESSION is not working correctly.

So, we would like Micro Focus to confirm HA/DR confirguration of having 2 or more SSX servers using same database and having Load Balancer in front for users to have better availability.