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Standardise timestamp format across log files

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5 months ago

There are several logs within OO and during some troubleshooting, it became apparent they are not all using the same timestamp format.

Although not really a big problem, it does mean that a timestamp entry cannot be searched across all logs at once as they are not the same.  For example, even just within Central, there are 3 different date formats used;

server.log:- 2021-03-29 20:08:47,854
wrapper.log:- 2021/03/29 21:06:32
localhost_access_log:- 29/Mar/2021:00:00:18 (I realise this log is generated by Tomcat)

When comparing log entries and trying to correlate activity across the OO logs to follow an issue and understand what has happened, it would help to have a consistent timestamp as it enables quicker research.