Idea ID: 2827488

Stateless fast flows

Status : Waiting for Votes
8 months ago

Users need super fast flows that can run in parallel and not persist state in the database. 

It will be great to add a setting at the flow definition time that will make a flow stateless.

With this users will be able to run super fast flows and automate processes faster.

  • state and steps ok not to log... but it would be needed at least to see that they did run on the plattform. this could be also be asyncronously added to Runlist... means flow runs and maybe a few seconds later it shows up. i would assume it also means that there are no posibilities to Pause/Resume? presumably it also means only limited Actions are available? this idea goes further then concise step presistence definion correct? so that no steplog_started steplog_ended steplog_binding entries are created

  • Great idea for mass data processing!