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Support for additional Overrides in OO Central

Status : Declined
over 3 years ago

Currently in OO Central it is possible to set and override value for System Accounts, and System Properties.  I believe it would be beneficial in flow design if it were possible to set overrides for more types of system objects; objects such as Selection Lists


In several Workflow designs I find it necessary to define a selection list rather than a validation rule to structure the inputs to a given flow and limit what a user can enter when executing the flow.  These lists as with the other configuration objects in an OO Project may need to have different values if used in a different environment or other OO Central system.  Currently I find myself creating multiple Content Packs to accomadate different values for those system objects outside of a System Account, or System Property. causing us to have to manage multiple instances of the same flows seperately for each environment.  If I could update the values for configuration objects such as Selection List from within OO Central I would be able to more effectively distribute content across those various environments

  • If you want to use Selection list for input for the flow you can not use Selection List -> Flow variable.  You must use Selection list -> Selection list.

    So if you want to have one value in Studio/Test and other in OO Central only way is to have override with Central Value.

    This idea has my vote.

  • As  pointed out, using the System Properties can solve the need to have different values in each environment.

    The idea didn't received community support and there are reasonable workarounds so we are declining the idea for now.

  • Probably a equivalent solution can be achieved by using System Properties (with something like <value1><separator><value2><separator><value3>) and converting/interpreting them to a list (based on previous <separator>)