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Switchcase Operation

Status : Under Consideration
over 2 years ago

An operation which exposes an indefinite amount of responses, just like the Manual operation already available in the Base content pack from Micro Focus, but this operation would not take manual user input instead it would have an input which is filled from a flow variable or such.

By having this operation you could define multiple flowpaths within the flow. During runtime it would be determined which path will be taking. This could also be achieved by chaining String Equals comparators after each other, but this solution would make the flow unnecessarily complex and as such decrease maintainability and performance.

For more information on switchcase operation please read the wiki page:

  • The idea received enough support from the community to be considered for prioritization in our future development planing.

    We will continue to monitor the idea so please expect further updates.

  • Thank you for your explenation.

    Then I meant this idea to be applicable to AFL in the first place, but I would think it wise for MF to also think of making it available in their other supported languages, if it isn't so already. 

  • Thank you  

    AFL comes from Advanced Flow Language and it's the legacy OO flow language.  You can loke at AFL as the XML format that is used by the Desktop Studio when authoring flows.

    CloudSlang  (YAML based) is used as native flow language in Web Designer. It is human and dev friendly as it allows diffs between flows and integration with dev friendly IDEs like IntelliJ (  )

  •  I know it's not for CloudSlang as such the solution for CloudSlang doesn't work for me, and I don't know the term AFL. Your second line is right on the money though.



  •  ,   this is a request for AFL content or for CloudSlang?   if this feature is provided for CloudSlang will it work for you?

      from your description looks like you want to be able to add custom responses at step level. This means once you add a step in a flow to be able to define responses dinamically like in Manual case operation?