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Synchronous REST API for flows execution

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

Users would ike synchronous REST API for flows exection so that busy-waiting on client side to be avoided.

This can be implemented by exposing a sync/async parameter to the OO REST API.


  •   I'm wondering why not provide this option and let the users choose . There could be users with flows running less time and not willing to implement their own REST client to wait for flows executiom

  • In a cloud native world like, both invocation types are usually supported async (event based) and sync. It will be great for Micro Focus OO to align with AWS Lambda or other orchestration tools where both invocation types (sync and async) are supported. 

    Possible workaround is to use this Community/Open Source Tool:

  •  , in order to implement a synchronous connection we would need to use web sockets. Now consider multiple long running flows (more than 12 hours for example). Implementing synchronous REST APIs this way and having such flows will easily lead to resource exhaustion, thus having the system vulnerable for DOS attacks.
    The future direction is to move to an event based implementation. At the moment there are no publicly available information for this capability, but we will announce it when it will be ready to be released.

  • Hi FlorinM

    We have waiting over a year for someone to evaluate this "idea" so could you be so kind as to elaborate why you have declined this?

    What security concern do you have when HTTPS and credentials are used?

    You say that a future release may include a feature "publish/subscribe notifications", what is  this and how will it work?  

    Regards Mark 

  • The implications of implementing this idea, the way it was requested, poses security concerns and we are declining this idea. 

    In the future releases we would like to introduce publish/subscribe notifications that will address also this request.