Idea ID: 1670515

Timed Display Message

Status : Declined
over 2 years ago

I think it would be useful to have a timed Display Message. Basically to have displayed message for number of seconds.

The display message needs human interaction to continue. Sometimes the human interaction is unecessasy and we only need to display a message for information purpose.


  • Given the low support from the community we are declining this idea for now.

  • Yes, i totally agree.

    Adding this option is very interesting, but, the human interaction should be maintained.

  • I haven't embedded the run in any particular UI.

    Normally we run our flows from Central. But we also run our flows automatically from the API.
    Basically Display Message works stopping the flow until you hit resume.

    Many of our flows have a summary after the run and they send the information by email. There were a few runs, when the operator left central and the flow kept running for several hours with just the deploy message from a summary.
    Another case is when our flows flail, it display the failure on the screen. 
    Also, many flows transition between different installation and they only show the status of the installation. There should be no human interaction on those cases, because its just displayed information.
    When someone runs if from the API it would help to have timed display to avoid duplicate work. Many times, I had to develop a separte part just to use it automatilly.



  •  do you need this timed display message because you embedded the run in a particular UI thus you have a running run always visible in your system?

    If not, can you provide more details of how you are actually relying on display messages?