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Timed prompts and display message on screen while a step is running

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over 1 year ago

I would like to be able to display a message on screen while a step is running that will automatically appear and disappear as the step starts and completes, without the need to click resume . I'm thinking of cases where a flow has human interaction. If there are any areas were sleep is used or a step is known to take some time to complete you could have a "Please Wait" or similar message explaining what is happening that appears on screen that will go when the flow continues. I know you can display a message but you have to click resume

I would also like to have a timer or a time out on Prompts or display message steps. A time out on the display would be great. We have a number of flows that we have that have some human interaction. The last step displays the completed/finished/error message in a display message step. If the human running the flow doesn't click "Resume" the flow just hangs there paused. If you get could set a configurable time out of say 10 minutes. Then the flow gracefully exits

  • I would never design a flow with on screen prompts when the flow would be scheduled with no human interaction. There is no point as there is nobody watching.

    My case was for flows with human interaction.

    Every step has a "Display" tab and 'm thinking for flows you know will have human interaction have the ability to have the message display for the life of the step and automatically close as the step completes without having to click resume.

    Just trying to create a better experience for the internal customer


  • Moving to Waiting for Votes to get community support.

     , I'm assuming you would like this functionality in Central. While this might seem a valid request in a scenario when you run the flows manually and a person is always watching the execution, do you think it's really useful when the flows are scheduled to run and nobody is monitoring the execution? In such a case do you think it might be ok to suppress the message display?