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Update the Content pack for IT Operations to allow OO to communicate with vRo 7.3 ExecuteWorkflow

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Waiting for Votes
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over 2 years ago

Currently using vCo 5.5 we are able to execute flows remotely using the ExecuteWorkflow but changes to the API have broken the API path in the new vRo versions.  Workaround is to call the new API path and put the inputs into a JSON in the bosy of the post request.

  • The "IT Operations" content pack was last updated in May 2019 but the last supported version of vCO listed in the documentation is vCO 5.5. The 5.5 version of vCO was released in Sept, 2013. The "IT Operations" content pack needs to be updated to support later versions of vCO. The latest version of vCO is now version 8.0.1.