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When installing a HotFix save the details to a file for later reference

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over 1 year ago

Installing a HotFix to OO may require the need to check for other HotFixes already installed.  When troubleshooting an issue, knowing which HotFixes are installed can also help with the investigation.

Today there is no easy method to identify which HotFixes have been deployed and when issues do appear, it is not always the same engineers who are deploying fixes that need support so there may not be any details available of what has been installed.

If possible, a solution which writes the HotFix reference to a database table or even to a text file would provide a quick and simple way to find out which HotFixes, if any, have been deployed to an environment. 

A basic example could be a text file called "HotFixes.hotfix" in the OO installation directory with the name of each HotFix appended to it when it is installed.



The following HotFixes have been deployed to this OO environment.



This would be a very helpful reference for customers and Micro Focus when issues arise saving time and a possible duplication of effort when trying to recover OO.

  •  thank you for posting this idea!

    A Hotfix delivery tool was created by the Operations Orchestration team and it will be offered through the Support and CPE teams to the customers that report issues for which a hotfix is available. 

    Through this hotfix tool you will be able to:
    - apply new hotfixes,
    - check for the list of already applied hotfixes
    - rollback a specific hotfix.

    As of now the tool works only for below components:
    a. Central
    b. RAS
    c. Studio
    d. Workflow Designer

    The following limitations apply to the current version:
    1. Any fix involving configuration file (.conf/.xml) changes still needs to be done manually
    2. Any database fixes , queries modification still needs to be done manually

  • This idea is aligned with the product roadmap and we will accept it when it will be planned for a future release.