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Workflow Designer workspaces

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10 months ago

Hi experts


Long time OO Studio user here trying to move into workflow designer (the web version).

The first thing I realize is that it seems, that you get only one workspace by user.

In our company we have multiple projects and each resides on its own GIT Repo.

I wonder how can we contribute to different GIT repos using workflow designer? I tried to "create" a new workspace to configure this as I do in Studio but couldn't find how to do it




  • Moved the post under Idea Exchange.

  • Hi Sergio, besides the option that Lucian suggested, we recommend you also create an IdeaExchange entry for the multi-workspace functionality within the Workflow Designer. This way we will better track all the OO related needs.

  • Hi Sergio B,

    I don't think such option exists in Workflow Designer. 

    What I'm typically doing in similar cases, I connect to the Git repository and then I'm using SCM Workflow Designer capabilities to switch between branches. 

    Still this doesn't cover entirely the scenario you are mentioning below. If you agree we can move this to the requirements/idea exchange space and see  how many other users are pending such capability in the Workflow Designer.