String comparator operation use

The String Comparator operation is designed to compare two strings of text.

Operation: /Base X.X.X/Library/Utility Operations/Math and Comparison/String Comparator

In order for the operation to return "Matches", the strings must be exactly the same.
In case you set the "matchType" as regEx, the result of the regEx and the string which is comparing should be the exact same to be able to match both strings correctly. But if the regex result is an extract of the string used as base comparator, the operation will return "no match" 
- To be more clear if you have a string containing “TEST-TEXT” and you use a regEx that returns “TESTTEST” removing the dash, you will end up with two non-matching strings making the operation fail with “no match”. However, if you have the same string “TEST-TEXT” and the regEx used returns “TEST-TEXT” then the operation will be successful as both strings are equal. 


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