Virtual Customer Meeting: New OO Program Offers RPA Upgrade Option Jan 14, 2021

Exciting news! We’ve introduced a new program that gives you the flexibility to exchange your OO unit licenses for OO workflow licenses or upgrade to Micro Focus RPA.
A few words about Micro Focus RPA . . . Our robots mimic screen-based human actions and extend automation to interfaces with difficult or no APIs. That’s why RPA is perfect for processes that require human intervention. Micro Focus RPA is also built with OO technology, so you can use your OO skills and content library for RPA.

This new program is your opportunity to cost-effectively convert your OO licenses into easy-to-use RPA capabilities. Come learn more about the program and Micro Focus RPA at our interactive Q&A. 
We’ll cover:
  • Automating financial services with RPA—a customer shares insights gained.
  • RPA benefits—augmenting automation with robots, reusing OO skills and content, and strengthening licensing compliance.
  • RPA demo—one of many possible use cases.
  • New licensing options for concurrent workflows—the details.

Total length: 60 minutes 




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