Recently Delivered Operations Orchestration Ideas July to Oct 2020


The following Ideas were recently delivered:

JSONPath filter


Data Visualization / Reporting

Support for PowerShell 6 and 7 in Base Content Pack

Operations Orchestration platform support for Windows 2019

Operations Orchestration support for TLS 1.3

Support for Oracle 19c in Operations Orchestration (OO) platform and content

Improve the scheduler in OO

More configurable ROI on Dashboard and Run statistics

User Prompts in OO Designer

Output filters in Workflow designer

OO-Designer 2019-11: Add Global Context parameter run_id

Support for VMware vSphere 7 in Virtualization Content Pack

Nutanix Integration

When installing a HotFix save the details to a file for later reference


Thank you to our Community members for suggesting the Ideas and for voting to help shape our product roadmap. Keep the Ideas coming!

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Raquel Winkler
Micro Focus Community Manager
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