NEW CERTIFICATION: OO2020.x Certified Professional Exam


Micro Focus Education Services is pleased to announce the release of its latest Certification offering within the ITOM portfolio



Exam Type:

Digital online, Non-proctored


2 Hours





This exam is intended for:

§  Workflow Developers

§  System Administrators

§  Automation Operators

§  Other engineers responsible for the implementation of OO



This exam validates that you have a solid and broad understanding of Micro Focus Operations Orchestration (OO) software along with some advanced features and managed automated workflows. It allows you to perform a wide range of System administration, monitoring, and management tasks using OO Central. OO components include OO SSX that allows users to search for process scenarios that are published for production use and run them with just a few clicks, Central; the OO runtime engine, allows to locate, run, monitor, and perform important administrative tasks, and OO Studio Designer to author and deploy automated workflows.

Prerequisites/recommended courses:

To be successful in this exam, you must demonstrate a basic understanding of OO and create a simple solution.

To acquire these skills, it is recommended that you attend the following courses:

§  OO220 - Operations Orchestration Flow Development V(ILT)

§  OO01SP-201812 - Operations Orchestration 2018.12 Digital Learning for Authors All Lessons

Education Central Link:

Micro Focus Marketplace Education

Certification and Learning Path:

For certification and learning paths of ITOM/OO, see IT Operations Management Certification Paths


Road Map URL:

For more information on courses that are in development, see Roadmap of Course Development



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