Deploy service catalog items from dev to prod


as far as I know data of service catalog items is stored in several tables (dbdict).

Is there a(n easy) way to deploy catalog items from development to production environment?


  • What's easy and what's not is a debatable question, but that's how I've done the deploying when working with SRC as a catalog frontend to end-user:

    • taken unloads from dev SM (from two tables, svcCatalog and svcDisplay)
    • stopped prod SRC, then cleared Apache Tomcat temp (...Tomcat x.y\work\Catalina\localhost) & log files (...Tomcat x.y\logs) and in SRC install folder directories (x:\srcinstall\secure\luceneIndex and x:\srcinstall\secure\attachments)
    • loaded the catalog items into prod SM
    • started Apache Tomcat again - wait until the catalog is fully synced

    Yes, there are a few steps and some downtime is needed. It's possible there are some steps that aren't 100% necessary, but that's how I have done it.

    I've managed several times messing up the SRC indexing process and therefore I rather click couple of extra clicks than scratch my head thinking what went wrong this time...

    EDIT: Disclaimer - I'm using SM 9.41 at a moment, no experience of later versions of SM and SMA-X/SMA

  • Thanks for your reply :-)

    SRC is not our topic, we are working with SMA-SM but this does not matter regarding catalog items in SM :-)

    So unloading datao using the same "query" on those two tables will do the job? That sounds easier than I expected.

    We will try that!

  • Yeah, in your case it's possible even Service Catalog > Adminstration > Manage Catalog -> (query the items you want) -> mass upload would work, but I've never tested that.

    When moving items from environment to another, with SRC hardest thing is to maintain category integrity. You know, categories inside of main categories etc.Especially if you are moving a bunch of items, not doing a "full refresh". I'm not aware if SMA portal is more fault tolerant than SRC, hope it is!