Is it possible to load form page when date is selected?

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to make ‘Work Completed By’ field in RFC Implementation form to read-only, based on the value in temporary variable.

Below screen shot shows the RFC Implementation form:


Value of this temporary variable is set under calculate tab of FC.

Below screen shot shows the same.


Normally this calculation works when we select save, save & exit buttons, so is it possible to call this calculation when I enter value in ‘Work Completed Date’ field?

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  • close.time is "Work Completed Date" ?

    What is "GCSSReference" on form ?

    Try use next line:

    Initialization Expressions:


    Calculations tab:

    if (nullsub(GCSSReference in $file, false)=false and nullsub(close.time in $file, false)=false) then $readonlygcss="yes"

    And then in FD for this form set for field  "Work Completed By":

    Condition for read only: [$readonlygcss]="yes"

  • Don't know if I got it right... in case not, just ignore. I understood that you want to set the field read only immediately after the user sets any value to it, not requiring save/refresh/etc.
    In this case, the answer is no. FC runs only when something with the record happens (ini, disp, upd.... ), not when you change the values in the form.
    What tracker the value changes in the format is the property " Data Change event" that is present on the Date Picker component (the name might be different, not in front of system now). What you need is to create a DO that recalculates the variable and set it's ID on the Work Completed data change event.
    What I am wondering is: do you really want to set it read only when the guy set the value and before you click on save? what if he set the wrong value and wants to change it? does not see a good approach to me
  • Hmmm. And i undarstand that Jithisha want keep read only while both (other) fileds is null.
  • Look at the logic of his request 

    if "First field" and "Second field" not null THEN READONLY=NO

    Let's look at dep.g form - second tab "labels and fields"

    Flag Field named -  $disabled

    and and dependent field named - $x with ReadOnly condition = [$disabled]

    So If you set on the form this flag to ON then the field becomes read-only.

  • Below are the scenarios:

    1. If ‘CDAX Reference’ is filled, we need to check whether ‘Work Completed Date’ filed is filled or not. If this field is also field, then ‘Work Completed By’ field should be readable else read only.
    2. If ‘CDAX Reference’ is filled and ‘Work Completed Date’ filed is empty, then ‘Work Completed By’ field should be read-only.
    3. If ‘Work Completed Date’ filed is filled and ‘CDAX Reference’ is empty, then ‘Work Completed By’ field should be readable.


    The FC changes is working for all scenarios except the below one.

    Step 1: Open an existing RFC Implementation which is having ‘CDAX Reference’ field filled and ‘Work Completed Date’ filed empty. (Note for this scenario ‘Work Completed By’ field will be read-only)

                          Step 2: Enter value in ‘Work Completed Date’.

    As per Scenario 1, we need ‘Work Completed By’ field to be readable. But FC changes will reflect only after selecting Save, save & Exit etc. buttons.

    So, is there any way to overcome this?

    Thanks in Advance



  • When you told that "'Work Completed By' field to be readable" do you mean that field must be writable ? 

    Let's see scenario

    1) You need control if CDAX Reference is filled, then check whether ‘Work Completed Date’ field is filled or not.

    Is this a separate task not related to the ultimate goal of setting a read-only condition on the field Work Completed By ?

    2,3) Next Scenario

    CDAX ReferenceWork Completed DateWork Completed By
    FilledEmpty\nullRead Only
    Empty\nullFilledNOT Read Only (write access)
    FilledFilledNOT Read Only (write access)

    Read Only 


    Is that right ?


    Hi Alarmus,

    Thanks for the reply. 

    ya readable means writable.

    Please find the below modified table.


    CDAX ReferenceWork Completed DateWork Completed By
    FilledEmpty\nullRead Only
    Empty\nullFilledNOT Read Only (write access)
    FilledFilledNOT Read Only (write access)

    NOT Read Only (write access)

  • Verified Answer

    So READONLY condition for the field Work Completed By on form (in FD)

    [CDAX Reference]<>"" & [Work Completed Date]=""