Issue with visible condition of drop down in Change management form.

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to display the ‘Affected platform’ drop down based on ‘change reason’ and ‘subcategory’ fields.

The working scenario is, if the first drop down of Change Reason is “Service Advisory” or “Customer Advisory” and subcategory is “hardware” then Affected Platform drop down get displayed accordingly.


Visible condition of Affected Platform: ( [ChangeReason]=”Service Advisory” | [ChangeReason]=” Customer Advisory” ) & [subcategory]=”hardware”


But if I select first drop down of Change reason as something else and 2nd drop down as ‘Service advisory’ then Affected Platform drop down is not getting displayed. And we found that the visibility condition of Affected Platform is considering only the first drop down of ‘Change reason’.

Could you please suggest a solution to resolve this issue?





  • You can try next scenario:

    some table (for example name of table is PlatformForChange) with column:

    ChangeReason (ChangeR)

    subcategory (subc)

    Affected Platform (AffectedP)

    - Record is record (Active)

    and condition for your form for field (on form) Affected Platform:

    select ("AffectedP", "PlatformForChange", "ChangeR", [ChangeReason ], "subc", [subcategory ], "Active", "true")

    where ChangeReason,subcategory - field name on change form

    And you have to add in PlatformForChange all combination you need. (Active used just for quick on\off record to list wich you can use)