How to modify validation condition

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to display an error message when the value of temporary variable is ‘TRUE’.

Below are the changes I have done in and IM.update.incident FC.

Under calculate tab ill be setting value for temporary variable and have used this variable as validation condition in validation tab. So, whenever this temp variable is true error message will be displayed and focus will go to ‘Install Team Priority’ field.

Calculate Tab:


Validate tab:


Install Team priority field is not a mandatory field. So, I should be able to save IM even if the value in it is empty. But due to above conditions when trying to save IM with ‘Install Team priority’ field empty, am getting the given error message.

Could you please suggest a way to solve this issue


  1. If value is in ‘Install Team priority’ field and temp variable is true, then error message should display.
  2. If ‘Install Team priority’ filed is empty, then IM should get saved without error.

Thanks in Advance.