How to access a value saved in table through FC

Hi Experts,

My requirement is to validate a field called frequency. Below are the two conditions for validation.

  1. If incident status is already in “Closed” state, then validation should not take place.Untitled.png
  2. When moving an incident from open to close, then only the validation should be done.Mandatory.png


When I click Close Incident button, the status of ticket will change to Closed before saving it to database. Below is the condition which I gave in FC under validation.

ticket.status in $file~="Closed"


Now first condition will work. I mean, it won’t ask for validation when ticket status is in closed state. But my second requirement won’t work , because when I click Close Incident button, the status get changed to closed hence validation of frequency won’t take place. But in corresponding table the value of ticket status is still Open, since I have not saved this change. So is there any way to access this value from Table through FC?


Any suggestions are appreciated :)


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