How to include presses with status "In Installation" under 'Affected press' filed in search form.

Hi Experts,

Hi Experts,

Affected press fill filed in incident form should only display presses with status “Available” or “In Installation”. So, for this I have modified Link with below condition. And now its displaying as expected in Incident form.


$query="type=\"press\" and (istatus=\"Available\" or istatus=\"In Installation\")"

if (not  (null( in $File))) then ($query="(" $query ") and in $File")


Below is the screen shot of incident form:


Screen shot of Link:



But in search form of incidents, I could see only presses with status available.

Below is the screen shot of search form:


Could you please tell where to include “In Installation” condition? so that it reflects in search form also.

Thanks in Advance.