If we getting problem related to form design

When we need to change with IM form the form designer not showing the information of IM update form. How can we change the layout.

  • Hello Hiteshkumar,

    hope you are doing fine.

    could you please provide details on why the form designer is not showing the form properties? I have no clear what you mean, remember that the name of the proper form you can see it on the down right corner, insert the name on the form designer and then click on "design".

  • Verified Answer

    We need more information to help you figure out your issue.

    Remember that Forms Designer only works using the Windows client and not the Web client.

    Using the WIndows client, enter fd in the command line and select a format. When selected, hit the button on the menu bar named "Design."

    There is a remote possibility that the Properties pop-up portion of the screen is dis-associated with the format. ie, it is external to your window. If this is the case, you might want to re-align it with the SM window.

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