I can use a single assignment group in multiple comanies as required to access.

If i have multiple companies here in SM 9.4 & need to access with same eassignment group. How can we perform the same.

Also if i need to set access of multiple companes to one user/operator. What is the process?

If i need to set restrictions to operator to access only that groups IMs or activity.



  • Hi,

    Configure assignment rules for groups

    You can configure group assignment rules so that a record can be automatically assigned to a specific group or a group that handles the associated service. The assignment rules can be configured either by using the Assignment form or by using JavaScript.

    Assign to a group that handles the associated service

    In Service Manager, a record is always associated with a service, so you can usually assign the record to the Config Admin group or the Support Groups of the service.

    Service Manager follows the following logic to decide the assignment group:

    • If the service has only the Config Admin group, and no Support Groups are set, the Config Admin group of the service is used.
    • If the service has both the Config Admin group and the Support Groups, then the assignment depends on the assignment type you specify for the rule:
      • If the assignment type is Automatic - take first, the Config Admin group of the service is used.
      • If the assignment type is Manual - let the user choose, a list that combines the Config Admin group and the Support Groups of the service is shown to the operator for selection.
    Note: If this rule is triggered by the system, the assignment type Automatic - take first is used even when you have selected Manual - let the user choose as the assignment type. This means that the Config Admin group of the system is used.

    The configuration interface is as follows:

    Assign to a specific group

    You can use the Fixed assignment rule to enable Service Manager to automatically assign a record to a specific group.

    The conditions of this rule allow you to make group assignment based on locations or categories. For example, in the out-of-box configuration, the request task assignment rule is based on categories. Two assignment rules are configured in the rule set “rmtask.init.assignment.set”: One is for the Purchase category, and the other is for other categories, as shown below:

    For the Purchase category, the system assigns to the group “Stock Managers”:

    For the other categories, the system assigns to the group “SUPPORT ADMIN”:

    Use JavaScript to configure assignment rules for groups

    In addition to using the configuration forms to configure assignment rules for groups, you have the flexibility to use JavaScript to implement your assignment rules. In JavaScript, you can use the groupValue variable to specify an assignment group or a combination of groups.