Add a new column to the activities table of the incident record

Hello experts

I need to add a new column to the activities table of the incident record to store new data populated from the record itself.

What do I need to do this?

Thank you in advance

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  • Hi,

    In order to add it

    1. In Document Engine Object Record for file probsummary. Click on Activity Tab.

    Activity Log Table = activity
    Selection List Variable= $qpm.activity
    Posting Link:

    2. Edit record

    Field(From/Source)= number
    File(To Target) = activity
    Field (To Target = thenumber
    Comment= POST
    Query= number=number in $File and sysmodtime>=tod() - '00:00:01'

    No expressions

    Source Field = (probsummary field as source)
    Target Field = (activity field as target)

    Save link record.

    We found that the default fields from probsummary go into activity without the link. Use the link for ADDITIONAL fields you want to post to activity.

  • Hello Randallsc

    Maybe I do a dummy question but only I have in my SM the next links records



    I tried to use the second one and the information on the new field and column is added to the table but the other information disappears like Date/time, type, operator and description.

    I need to create a new link only with the new field?

    Thank you in advance

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