Issue when trying to reindex knowledge - Smart Analytics

Hi All,

We're using SM 9.50. We had a power failure, and our Smart Analytics server (running in Windows), stopped indexing documents correctly. After cleaning some folders in the Content1 / Content2 / Content3 folders, we were able to reindex some content.

Some of the knowledgebases were not reindexing, so we've stopped the services and deleted all content from the above folders again.

Since some of the knowledgebases were marked as "Indexing", when now I try to Full reindex them, I see the following in application.log (for Content2 and Content3) - for each of the knowledgebases marked as Indexing:

[1] 70-Error: Database Catalog_Library_KM_INTERNAL_TEMP already exists.


Does anyone know how to "reset" this Indexing status from some of the knowledgebases?




Thank you,