consolidate cartable and non-cartable items search in one search box

consolidate cartable and non-cartable items search in on search box

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referring to the opened ER link below:

The Service Catalog search should return non-cart items

How we can have this done in ESS, i'm targeting having one search box for searching both cartable and non-cartable items. it is a logic to be there ? why for searching cartable items i have to go to [Order from catalog] and in case needed searching for non-cartable items i should open another search link [Non- Cart catalog requests] ?

In the SRC the search option is universal even if it do search in knowledge managment once enabled why not having that in ESS ?

Actually i'm having this question here cause i got bored from the support forwarding me to R&D to further investigate and analyze the need ? is there any solid proof other than having it in the current modern SRC !!


Sorry if i was too much angry of that ...Wish you did excuse my disappointment here but i had to say it load and clear.


Thanks for your replies on that.

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  • Hi,

    The Enhancement Request, The Service Catalog search should return non-cart items ( is the solution for your problem. Unfortuantely there is no workaround available to use and the Enhancement Request is in a status of Deferred which means the CR has been reviewed and it has been determined that it is a valid request, however we are unable to address this issue at this time. The CR may be reviewed in the future as we evaluate this request against other business needs.

    Is there a specific business reason why you cannot deploy Service Request Catalog (SRC) to be used by your end users rather than using the ESS client?  


  • Thanks dmitch for your reply.

    Actually we don't have plans to have SRC in place during the current phase of the project, but this might come later on as part of later on enhancements, cause we invested time of having all our customizations done on ESS classic interface.

    and we don't have the time to re-work all these customizations on SRC specailly that we might stuck with some limitations on the SRC due to the major cusomtizations we had in the ESS now.


    this is the point here and that's why we are asking for a work around for this in the time being.



    Ahmed Soliman