consolidate cartable and non-cartable items search in on search box

Dear Experts,

Wish this be my lucky day

Nice to have contact with the expert today in the Meet the Experts day.

referring to the opened ER link below:

The Service Catalog search should return non-cart items

How we can this be done in ESS, i'm targeting having on search box for searching both cartable and non-cartable items. it is a logic to be there ? why for searching cartable items i have to go to [Order from catalog] and in case needed searching for non-cartable items i should open another search link [Non- Cart catalog requests] ?

In the SRC the search option is universal even if it searches in knowledge why not having that in ESS ?

Actually i having this question here cause i bored from the support forwarding me to R&D to further investigate and analyze the need ? is there any solid prove other than having it in the current moderen SRC !!


Sorry Excuse my disappointment here but i have to say it load and clear.


Thanks for your replies on that.

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