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I have one question regarding LDAP authentication for Service Manager. My environment contains four DCs (domain controllers), one Parent and three Childs. I’m using SM LDAP Mapping to authenticate users while login to SM but I’m not able to authenticate all users for all DCs. I have already filled the LDAP mapping main page with the IP of the parent DC and the path of the base directory as well but unfortunately, only users of the parent DC were authenticated while users of other DCs are still not able to have authenticated login.


Please advise if it is possible to authenticate users of more than on DC using SM internal LDAP Mapping or if there is another way to define more than one DC in the LDAP mapping parameters in the main page.


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Ibrahim Aly


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    If your primary LDAP server is a Global Catalog server, try using that instead of the default LDAP port. Global Catalog queries are directed to port 3268, which explicitly indicates that Global Catalog semantics are required. By default, ordinary LDAP searches are received through port 389. If you bind to port 389, even if you bind to a Global Catalog server, your search includes a single domain directory partition. If you bind to port 3268, your search includes all directory partitions in the forest.