HPSM Mail Notification to external mail IDs

Hi Experts,

Need a solution as to how Interaction Created mails can be sent to external mail Ids for which contact records arent present in HPSM..

Checked the ruleset for send HTML notification via javascript but seems like even that needs to have a contact or operator record.

Thanks in advance..

  • Notification table: You can hard code any email address from here.

    1. Define a notification in Notification table, here you can set in the recipient field the email address - define like {"xyz@abc.com"}

    2. Call the notification from the ruleset: Make a ruleset > Send Notification > Notification Name: (new Notification name made from #1)

    3. Set the new Ruleset on the desired workflow. set condition as required.

    **Check in your version if it's available.

  • Hi Sandy, 

    The email ID should be fetched from the email.id field present in the interaction form...

    ill try adding the notification by the method suggested in the meanwhile.. 



  • so its dynamic value or email values are based on the current record (Interaction). A quick check of Send html email rule and I can see there is an option for, "set using Javascript", you can have a fetching script checking the email of current record . (Have not implemented this and just giving possible solution)

  • tried using set using javascript, but it picks up email from either the specified contact or operator..

    in my case it will be dynamic and no contact or operator record will be present for the mail id. It will be different everytime.

  • Hi,

    Create a rule on WF of Interaction to send email and use the field which capture email address (used on interaction record).

  • So -

    In the Notification Definition record, the 'Recipient(s)' column determines who is supposed to get the email being sent.  You can hard-code it to a value (like 'user@address.com') or you can use a field from the record to determine the recipient.  If you use a field (like 'contact.name in $L.file' or 'assignee.name in $L.file', or whatever in $L.file), if that value doesn't resolve to an email address and you don't select a value from the ''Group' column, the system has some built-in functionality that tries to find a matching operator record or contact record, and use the value from the 'email' field in the matching record.

    In your case, it sounds like somehow you've set up your environment so that the customer in a ticket is NOT a contact in the contact table.  That's a little odd, since you'd want to have all the contact information stored (why is someone able to request help from your helpdesk if your helpdesk has no idea who they are?) but that wasn't your question.  Your question asked how to send an email to a recipient that isn't a contact.

    As others have suggested, if you have the email address stored as a field in the ticket, you can use that field in your notification definition record.  You can use the 'contact.email' or 'callback.email' field in the Interaction module ('incidents' table) or a custom field of your own choosing, if you'd prefer.  As long as the value in that field resolves to a valid email format (user@domain.com) the system will send the email to that address, regardless of whether or not they're a contact.

  • Let me know if your requirement is met? below was my suggestion

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