SM Dashboard


We have a requirement of displaying the count of tickets on Vertical bar chart. This is visible on pie charts by default but couldn't find any opton for displaying the count on the bar. Any inputs on how this can be achieved?

Also need a way to auto refresh the dashboards. 

Version: SM 9.40

Thank You!

  • Hello ,
    You need to setup your Dashboard like this:

    It will not show data on Vertical bar because you have metrics on left part of the screen so there is no point. But I understand that you sometimes need to put that information on vertical bar. I will try to find it out.

    For auto refresh you need to open "Report Settings":
    Then you need to enable:
    After you save this change you will get checkbox on Dashboard properties "Support Auto Refresh" and after you put check in checkbox it will open field to choose refresh interval.

  • Thanks for the reply, I have SM 9.40 i guess the auto refresh option is not available in this version.