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Hi to all. I'm using HPSM 9.41 and have any questions.

I have a parent and several child incidents. I would like to synchronize the phases / statuses and other attributes of the child incidents when the parent incident changes. In the System Navigator Click Incident Management > Administration > Settings and select Close Child Incidents when Parent Incident closed in Parent Incident Relationship Model. But it does not work. How I can do this ?

  • Hi,

    I had a similar request from customer, what i did is by creating a "run action" ruleset  and put it to the workflow rule set tab under "after successful update". I'm not sure if this is the best practice but it work for my customization. 

    you can check out the OOB workflow and ruleset below:

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  • Hello.

    If you have record in screlation table for your relation, then you can add some script (start it from FC or trigger) where search for related incidents and "close" it (change status)

  • base on the relation between your records (maybe screlation or task plan tables) you can create a JS that

    select all children

    for each one update the requested fields

    save the update

    here is an example

    var child=new SCFile("childrenTable")

    var rq=child.doSelect(" CONDITION BASE ON PARENT ID")  <== can be ("\"" record.number "\"") as you will run it from the parent record

    while (rq==RC_SUCCESS)


    child.status="new status";


    child.doUpdate() ;  <== or child.doAction("save") depending on if you want WF rule to be ran

    rq=child.getNext(); <== to go to the next child


  • From the request, I understand they need a reverse action than what you suggested.

    Usually when you change status in "child"? then this status should be set to "parent". Or if "parent" have a several "child", then transfer status in "parent" after all "child" resolved (for example). It's depending on business logic.

    -So script must be started after status of "child" changed.

    -Then search for "parent" id and search for other "child" for this "parent" id.

    - Check status of all "child"

    - If all of them in resolved\closed\.... (other you need) then set in "parent" flag (let's call it something like - "all related child are resolved\closed") to true.

    - And use some trigger for such flag in "parent" to do with it what you need (you can use this flag also for notification)

  • I may have missunderstood what is needed.
    but yeah, this is the right thing to do.
  • Anyway the methods are same, only the data transfer direction changes.

  • You must contact your partner who installing your software, I think they broke out-of-the-box workflow.

    It's a "good" practice in Russia to change field with ID record in Incident and probsummary tables.

    You could write me a private message and I will try to help you.