Change Freeze Calendar - HPSM 9.41

Hi Experts,


I need your help with this requirement : (how to do )

If a user wants to open a RFC during a Freeze Period, SM will request him either to change the date outside the Freeze or to set a Business Justification why he still need to schedule the RFC during the Freeze.

Every month, from 29th until 3rd of next month is a Freeze Period

  • Change Manager should be able to disable / enable Freeze Period
  • Change Manager should be able to configure Freeze Period Manually

any help will be appreciated.



  • This can be done with a validation, which could be rather simple or rather complex, depending on your system. What version of SM are you using?

    Here is a very simple example validation which could do the job, assuming that you're only concerned about the date field values on the RFC. If you're also concerned about a date range which could include the freeze period, you'd need something more complex, and I would suggest JS for that. At the least, this should give you an idea of a starting place.

    (Attached -->)

    However, this may not satisfy your requirement of a Change Manager modifying the Freeze Period. If you are on a recent version which has Time Period Management, your issue will be easily solved. If not, then you may need to take steps to create a functionality/table which can be accessed/updated by the Change Manager, and the validation can then check against this table in addition to simply checking the dates.

  • Hi ,

    Thank you for response . we are using SM 9.41.