HPSM 9.41 : Problem with Approval File after Upgrade from 9.32

Dear Experts,


After Upgrading HPSM from 9.32 TO 9.41, When I try to open an Approval record or a Change where this Approval is used I get the following error:




Incomplete record, could not process data for table APPROVALM1 in file Approval identified by key: unique.key="C18607" and file.name="cm3r" and name="" and component=NULL (se.search.engine,select.records)

unable to convert value of field approved.date from type STRING2 to type ARRAY (se.search.engine,select.records)




I would greatly appreciate any help.




  • Hello Khalil,

    there seem to be a problem with your dbdict "Approval", field "approved.date" seems to have had a different type in your SM9.32 before upgrade than expected. In Out-of-the-box system SM9.32 this field was already an array with date/time values.

    Did you receive any upgrade errors on "Approval" file?

    I recommend you to open a Support Case for deeper investigation.

    Best regards,


  • Verified Answer



    Thank you for your response, it was resolved by adding the parameter: sqltz: (time zone) to sm.ini,

    and by manually correcting the conflicting dates records in Oracle DB.