Error with Calendar after upgrade to 9.41


Hi Experts,

After successfully upgrading HPSM from 9.34 to 9.41  i tried to use calendar, when i opened it i received this error 


Script 'CalendarUtilities' line 128: ERROR Invalid property or field '3' for JavaScript class 'Datum' at char 1

Invalid index: It is too large (3) (display,fdisp.1)


Then, When i checked sm log  i found this:

RTE E CJSDatum::Init - index 3 exceeds ARRAY size of 3

Attached you can find ScreenShot about the error.



Please i need your help.



  • Verified Answer

    Hi Khalil

    In my 9.41 system, line 128 of CalendarUtilities is as follows:

    map[names[i]] = values[i];

    It is inside the function convertToMap.  It looks to me like in this routine, field display label and values for global lists are being built into an array map - if you have a global list in your system where the display list is longer than the value list (i.e more "names" than "values"), I can see that an error would occur.

    That's all I can really look at without a debug trace and without really knowing why the function is being called in Calendar, I'd suggest looking at your change global lists and see if there is one with more display labels than values.



  • Hi Matt,

    It works now ! thank you for your help.

    After using a trace with debugdbquery:999, i found the globallist "timeperiodCategoryTypes" with mismatch in entries between the display list and value. 

    I rebuild global list and the issue is now resolved.