Email notification to Change coordinator when all Tasks are completed

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I want to send out email notification to Change coordinator when all Tasks under that Change are completed. Currently there are notifications when individual Task is completed, but how to check that there are no outstanding tasks and then send an email notification to the Change coordinator?

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  • Hi can you confirm how you are creating the task records from the change,,..

    1- all tasks are created together 

    2- Tasks are created after the closure of the previous task

    For the first options, you can have a script configured to check for the associated change tasks and schedule it to execute every 10 minutes to send emails to co-ordinator if all tasks are closed.

    For second option, initialize a variable and set it to true when the final task is in closure phase. And send email to the co-ordinator when this variable is true. You can make use of wizard to get it done.


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    The first solution is that you can use the scheduler for this purpose, the scheduler will check if all Change Tasks are closed for Change and then it will send a notification to the desired operator.
    The second solution is to use Workflow / RuleSet which will check opened Change Tasks after Change Task is Closed, so when Task enters Closed state you can put RuleSet on After Successful Enter in that Phase and activate JavaScript that will check all Change Tasks with related Change, if there is no opened Change Tasks then you can activate e-mail to the desired operator.
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